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World Harvest Festival Events

Miss Cultural Harvest Festival

The beauty pageant was introduced in 1999 and unlike the traditional Kumang Gawai where the contestants from the Dayak community, the ethnic beauty pageant Miss Cultural Harvest Festival 2015 is open to all single ladies of any race and nationalities.

The open application to all single ladies of any race and nationalities is to encourage and attract the interest and participation of non-Dayak to celebrate in a festival that has traditionally associated with the Dayak community only.
Ironman World Harvest Festival

The WHF Ironman competition was first introduced in 2006 as one of the highlights of the World Harvest Festival. This Ironman competition is opened to all men who are 18 years of age and above.

For this year's competition, 15 contestants will be vying for the title of WHF Ironman 2015. Cultural-based activities organised for the competition are mountain climbing, lifting and carrying gunny sacks weighing 50kg, blowpipe shooting and many more.
Sape Concert on 30th April 2016

For Sape enthusiasts, there will be a Sape concert staged on the night of 30th April 2016 in the SCV Theatre. This concert combines both the sape professionals and amateurs from Sarawak and special apprearance by Sape players from Negeri Sembilan, Kalimantan, Indonesia; Brunei and France.